I am excited to host you in CDMX!

My name is Ian, your host during your Mexico City stay!

First, I want to thank you for trusting me with your accommodations in Mexico City, I promise I will do anything possible to make your stay the best experience.

If you can provide me with a little more information about yourself so I can better plan for your arrival and know what kind of vacation you would like to have, that will help me plan the best experiences for you.

After you provide the information below, you are welcome to view the rest of the site to learn more about the apartment, the neighborhood, and your host.



This information is going to help me be a better host for you!

    How will you arrive in Mexico City?

    Are you visiting for business or pleasure?

    Are you a night person or a morning person?

    This apartment is clothing optional, what is your preference?

    Are you a coffee drinker in the morning?

    Do you have any food allergies or any items that you do not like to eat? Please tell me any foods that should not be included in breakfast. Leave blank if you have no restrictions.

    Are you planning on a mild or wild time in CDMX?

    Mild: museums, tours, evening dinners, early nights at home watching Netflix
    Wild: interested in parties, bars, nightclubs, bathhouses, play

    House Rules:

    1. No smoking inside
    2. No illegal drugs
    3. No unregistered guests are allowed in the home
    4. Have fun

    Please remember there is a dog in the house (a pug), but she isn't allowed in your room, she can't walk the stairs, but you will see her in the common areas of the house.