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Whatsapp: +52 5575025349

The Location

Access all parts of CDMX from your rental

Your Mexico City gay rental and bed and breakfast is located in the privileged location of Escandón, centrally located for access to the most popular areas of the city.

Escandón was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and is named after the Escandón family, a wealthy family that owned the land that houses it today and increased its fortune thanks to real estate.

Initially, it was conceived as a place for summer houses for middle-class people and over time it evolved towards the construction of all kinds of properties.

Today you can find a wide variety of cultural, sports and gastronomic options that make this part of the city a very interesting place to explore.

Its privileged location makes it easy to move around and connect with various points in the city, a very attractive factor for visitors and tourists.

It could be said that Escandón is an extension of the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods, with a particular touch. It is an area where the past and the present, the new and the traditional, come together, and this adds to the neighborhood’s charm.

Art deco architecture is present throughout the colony in different buildings and many of them have been preserved by their owners, which makes it possible to appreciate unique facades while walking and exploring the neighborhood.

The location makes for an easy walk to explore the most famous areas of the city; including Condesa, Roma, Zona Rosa, and Napoles (home of the World Trade Center Mexico).

Shopping and dining are abundant along Av. Tamaulipas, the trendiest street in Condesa, passes by Parque Mexico and Parque España, just a few minutes walking from the gay rental and bed and breakfast.

The neighborhood is safe and located two blocks from any main streets, so you will enjoy the quiet tree-lined street where the loft is located, away from the sound of traffic, but still conveniently located to major roads connecting to all areas of Mexico City.

Within two blocks from the loft, you will find several convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants. There is a 24-hour street food vendor on the corner for the late-night tacos and alambre. You will find the neighborhood farmer’s market within a 5-minute walk from the loft, a popular place to find cheap street foods as well.

There are several cafes, sidewalk eateries, banks, and a shopping mall all within a five-minute walk from the bed and breakfast.

Tuesday is market day in the neighborhood, so if you are here on a Tuesday, it’s an extra bonus. On market day the street in front of the bed and breakfast closes for a street market of fresh fruits and veggies, meats, prepared street food, clothing, toys, and more. Market day is a day to get local produce and socialize with the neighbors. It’s a good size market stretching 4 blocks and a fun thing to do in the morning.

Escandón is a safe middle-class neighborhood that will really give you the taste of living in Mexico while still having easy access to the tourist offerings of the city.

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