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Reserve your Mexico City gay rental today!

Thank you for your interest in reserving my Mexico City gay rental with houseboy services. The nightly rate is $30.00 USD per night with a two-night minimum, including breakfast and houseboy services. If you only need one night, you will be charged $40.00 for a single night, including breakfast and houseboy services.

Check-in: 10:00 AM / Check-out: 2:00 PM

Please let me know your travel dates and some basic information so I can provide you with availability and total costs. I will contact you within 24-hours, typically within the hour. You can also make a reservation instantly on


    Email Address

    Arrival Date

    Departure Date

    Number of Guests:
    (I don't discriminate against Polyamory, if you are a throuple, you can travel with three people, just keep in mind the bed is a double/full-size bed)

    Are your plans mild or wild (or both)?
    Mild: museums, tours, early nights, evenings watching Netflix
    Wild: interested in bars, clubs, bathhouses, adult services

    The house is clothing optional, what is your preference?

    Special requests for houseboy services
    (i.e. I am interested in scheduling massage or spa services)

    Other notes