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Whatsapp: +52 5575025349

Getting Around

How to access different areas of CDMX

Arriving in Mexico City

If you are arriving in Mexico City at the airport, you have two options for arriving at your rental.

  1. Mexico City Metro train (45-minutes)
  2. Taxi (one hour drive during peak hours/ 35 minutes off-peak hours and holidays)

Mexico City Metro: I will provide you with instructions to arrive at the apartment from the metro if you request the information. You can take line 9 of the metro and arrive only 3 blocks from the bed and breakfast. If you choose to use the metro, I will meet you at Patriotismo station if you wish. I do not recommend the metro if you don’t speak Spanish and this is your first visit to CDMX, it can be overwhelming for CDMX virgins 🙂

Taxi: Buy a secure taxi ticket from the kiosks available. DO NOT TAKE ANY OFFERS FROM PEOPLE INSIDE THE AIRPORT ASKING YOU IF YOU NEED A TAXI! Only purchase your taxi fare from the kiosk for ‘taxi seguro’. People will approach you from all sides asking you if you need a taxi. Don’t do it. You are going to be tired and just want to get in the car… but DON’T DO IT! Not only will you pay a lot more money from the people wandering around the airport asking if you need a taxi, but there is also no record of you getting into a taxi and you are putting your safety at risk. Buy only from the kiosks that sell taxi tickets and enter a taxi at the designated area for secure taxis. You will want a ticket to Escandon section 2, but I will cover this information with you in WhatsApp after you make a reservation.

Uber is available in CDMX and can pick you up at the airport. This is my recommendation to everyone. It’s also easy to share your trip info with me so I can track your location and know when you arrive.

Getting around from the apartment

  • Walking distance to Condesa: 15 minutes
  • Walking Distance to Napoles: 15 minutes
  • Walking distance to Roma Norte: 30 minutes (10-minutes on Metro)
  • Walking distance to Zona Rosa: 40 minutes (10-minutes on Metro) – This is 2.5 miles (4 KM) from the loft.

Zona Rosa is the ‘Gayborhood’ of Mexico City.

The walking distance to these areas is through nice tree-lined streets, boutique shopping, and cafes, so the walk from my house to Zona Rosa is an amazing and worthy walk for great photos and some shopping along the way. It is a total of 2.5 miles (or 4 KM) from the loft to Zona Rosa. In that time you will walk through the main areas of Escandón, Condesa, Roma, and Rosa. If you like to walk, this is the best walking tour to see all the most desired areas of CDMX.

In a car (like uber or taxi) Zona Rosa is about 30 minutes during the day, 15 minutes at night. The walking times and times using a car are very similar in the day due to traffic in Mexico City. I recommend walking whenever possible, that is my normal method of transportation, feet power. If an Uber or taxi is preferred, Uber is normally cheaper than taxis.

Mexico City Metro options

The bed and breakfast is located at the connection point of lines 1, 7, and 9 of the Mexico City metro train, so if the weather is not permitting a walking tour, or you are simply beat at the end of the day, the metro is another option to explore the city.

Line 7 will transport you to Polanco in 12 minutes, just 3 stops from the apartment.

Line 1 will connect you to the Iconic Reforma, Chapultepec Forrest, a park in the city that hosts museums, the zoo, an amusement park, restaurants, picnic spots, running trails, cafes, and the only Royal Castel in the Americas.

Line 1 will also connect you to Roma Norte, Zona Rosa (the gayborhood of CDMX), and the Historic Center of Mexico City where you can visit the Zocalo, The National Palace, and Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Line 9 will connect you to Roma Sur, the location of the Oscar Award-winning movie ‘Roma’, Parque Delta shopping mall, and directly to the Mexico City International Airport.

Mexico City Metro Map

Below are the maps of the three metro lines within walking distance of your rental, and explanations of points of interest at each station. The closest station to your rental is Patriotismo, about a five-minute walk and is known as Line 9, heading east to the airport. The second closest station is Tacubaya and is a ten-minute walk from your rental and hosts three metro lines; Line 1, 7, and 9. Normally Tacubaya is the best option if you don’t want to change trains too often.

Mexico City Metro Map

Your rental is marked with the red star

These are the stations located near points of interest to travelers

Line – 1 (Pink)

TACUBAYA – This is the station closest to your rental, this is where you will enter the metro, or exit when you want to return home. Line 1, 7, and 9 can be accessed from this station near your rental, and on this page, I tell you the points of interest on those lines and none of the points of interest will require you to change trains, they are all direct points to visit from your rental.

CHAPULTEPEC – This station is the second stop from your rental on Line – 1 (Pink). Here you will exit to visit Chapultepec Park and walk the famous Paseo de la Reforma. On this street, you will see the famous Angel statue, the Mexican Stock Exchange, and most foreign embassies are in this area. You can walk straight down from Chapultepec to Zona Rosa for an amazing historical walk through the city’s most famous boulevard. You will also visit the only Royal Castel in the Americas in Chapultepec Forrest or visit several museums.

INSURGENTES – You can exit Insurgentes to visit Zona Rosa or Roma Norte, this metro station divides the two popular destinations in the city. You can reach Zona Rosa and Roma in 4 metro stops from your rental, arriving in a short 10 minutes. So if you want to visit Zona Rosa or Roma Norte with minimal walking, this is the best station to exit. 

SALTO DEL AGUA – This is the station I recommend to start exploring the historic center of Mexico City, it is 7 stops and a 15-minute train ride to the historic center from your rental. Exiting this station is close to the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes and a nice walk through the historic city to the Zócolo and the Presidential Palace.

Line – 7: (Orange)

POLANCO – Three stops from your rental on Line-7 you will find the upscale neighborhood of Polanco, the metro train ride is 9 minutes and trains run every 5 minutes. This area is known for its shopping and amazing restaurants. It’s normally on every tourist’s to-do list. This is the only station on Line-7 that would be of interest to most tourists.

Line – 9: (Brown)

CHILPANCINGO – This station will drop you off on Insurgentes in Roma Sur (South Roma), from here you can walk through the tree-lined streets and discover the home where the Oscar Award Winning movie, Roma was filmed. There are some nice restaurants and shops in the area. It’s another walking route to Roma Norte that will take you through some nice streets and murals to discover along the way.

CENTRO MÉDICO – If you need a mall, Parque Delta is located at this station, it isn’t the best CDMX has to offer, but it’s convenient to access. Normally if I need to visit a mall, this is my standard stop. It normally has what I need. Otherwise, there isn’t much of interest to a tourist at this station, here you will find a large medical complex and a lot of shopping and street vendors.

JAMAICA – This station might be of interest to tourists who want to visit one of the popular Mercados in Mexico City, Mercado Jamaica. This market is known for the vibrant colored flowers being sold, but also a market with meats, cheeses, spices, and anything else you would expect from a typical Mexican market. It’s worth a visit if you like the Mexican food market experience.

PANTITLÁN – This is the last stop on Line-9 and the closest you can get to the airport without changing trains. You can change trains and go one more stop to the airport, or you can exit here and take a short taxi ride to the airport if you don’t want to change rails. (there are always taxis outside of metro stations)