Gay Adult Entertainment in CDMX

Escorts, Massages, Saunas, and Gay Cruising in Mexico City

I only offer advice and recommendations to guests staying in my gay rental. I do not offer services to the general public. Please do not request recommendations from me if you are not a guest at my gay rental. Thank you 🙂

I host all kinds of gay men and couples, from mild to wild men. If you are a little more on the wild side, there are some adult activities you can participate in while visiting Mexico City.

I can assist you with adult services during your stay, including bathhouse/sauna, escort services, tantric massages, adult toys, lube, condoms, and other adult-related services. All services are offered discreetly. If travelers wish to experience a little more of the wild side of CDMX, I would prefer to help them do it safely, so don’t hesitate to ask me. I want every guest to remain safe and enjoy their stay!

When engaging in any sex, be safe, wear a condom! The only thing you should take home forever is your memories.

Gay Bathhouses in CDMX

Mexico City has several gay bathhouses, with Sodome being the most popular in the city because of its location and the services available. Sodome Bathhouse in Mexico City has been operating for 15 years and is located near Chapultepec Forrest, and 8-15 minutes by car from my rental. You can expect to pay $300 pesos ($15 USD), which includes a locker, towel, sandals, lube, and condoms. You can also rent a private room for $150 pesos ($8 USD) for three hours if you like more privacy.

When entering Sodome, they offer you a towel, a small apron style garment to tie around the waist and cover the goods (if you want), flip-flops (sandals), and condoms. The first section you cross is the locker room where you will receive a free locker, this is where you must get undressed. Not sure if being naked is required, but I have never seen anyone dressed. Your locker key is attached to a bracelet so you can keep it on you. You will need the key if you order something from the bar because the locker number will be how they track any drinks or services to charge you for when you exit.

Sadome is three levels. The first is the locker rooms and a large bar with a swimming pool. In this area, everyone is naked but more of a social area, you won’t see a lot of action happening in this area, but a nice place to hang out and socialize with other guys. There is a small dark room just behind the bar, but not used too much.

On the second floor is a large dark room that is designed as a maze with a lot of options to walk through dark hallways where you need to squeeze through people having sex. A lot of people will be touching you as you walk through the dark room maze. Some areas of the maze open up to a larger size where there are beds and seating. On the weekends, this section of the sauna is very active with hundreds of guys inside the room.

On the third floor, you will find a couple of saunas, a foam room, and a rooftop for smoking. There are showers on this floor also, just next to the foam room.

Ask your host for more information if you wish to visit a bathhouse. There are other options, however, Sodome is the one I recommend the most because of its convenient location to The Loft Gay Rental.

Gay Escorts in Mexico City (CDMX)

Prostitution and gay escort services are legal in Mexico and I maintain a professional relationship with several clean and masculine gay male escorts in the city. If you are interested in an escort, I can make arrangements for services in-house or out. It is customary for the client to pay the escort’s transportation fees (Uber) to and from the location for in-home services. The typical cost for a gay escort in Mexico City is $100 – $150 USD per hour, and most will provide services to couples if needed. I do not take any commission from these guys, whatever they charge is 100% their income. Tipping is customary.

Gay Massages in CDMX

Gay massages in Mexico City are available in several services. From Swedish Massages to Deep Tissue Sport Massages and Erotic Tantric Massages, all performed by gay massage professionals. Tantric Massages are sensual massages provided by a gay massage specialist in the nude. Your massage specialist will service your erogenous zones and use his nude body to apply pressure against you. While the massage typically ends with an orgasm, that isn’t the purpose of Tantric. The practice derives from Hindu beliefs and is meant to promote mindfulness and awareness of your body and sensations.

Ask me to schedule an in-house tantric massage, I know the best in the city who make house calls. Tantric Massages will cost you about $75 USD – $125 USD, not including tip. They can be scheduled at the professional’s studio or in-home at The Loft. It is customary for the client to pay the escort’s transportation fees (Uber) to and from the location for in-home services. I never take a commission for booking a massage for my guests.

I mostly deal with bilingual massage professionals (English/Spanish).

Some massage providers offer sex services with gay massages in Mexico City. Some allow touching, sucking, and even penetration, but the rules are different for every provider. If you have an expectation of sex as part of your massage, please inform me so I recommend the right provider for you. Don’t assume sex or a happy ending is included, if that’s what you want, tell me so I can send the right people and you aren’t embarrassed or disappointed.

Toys, Lube, and Condoms

If you need lube and condoms, please ask me, I promote a healthy and safe gay lifestyle and have some available in your rental if needed. If you need sex toys during your stay, I can arrange the purchase of the toys you desire from the local adult store, just tell me what you need and I will pick them up (you will be responsible for the cost of toys). All services are discrete.

Gay Cruising in Mexico City

There are several active gay cruising spots in Mexico City, but visiting Tom’s Leather Bar and the darkroom might be your best, and safest option if cruising and darkrooms are your scenes. Tom’s has a very nice mix of people, from leather to prep, and all age ranges. It’s a bar style, with no dance floor, has full nude dancers on the bar, and gay porn movies are shown on televisions around the walls. The darkroom is near the bathroom at the back of the bar.

Of course, Sodome bathhouse is also another location that keeps you safe when cruising. There are also several gay sex/orgy clubs in CDMX. I can give you the details.

There is also an adult theater, with gay and straight movies, but the audience is all men looking for action.

But if you are looking for public cruising spots, ask me about other options, including glory holes.