Adult Services

Services offered discretly during your stay

I host all kinds of gay men and couples, from mild to wild men. If you are a little more on the wild side, there are some adult activities you can participate in while visiting Mexico City.

Your houseboy can assist you with adult services during your stay, including bathhouse/sauna, escort services, tantric massages, adult toys, lube, condoms, and other adult-related services. All services are offered discreetly. 

Bathhouses in CDMX

Mexico City has several gay bathhouses, with Sodome being the most popular in the city because of its location and the services available. Sodome Bathhouse in Mexico City has been operating for 15 years and is located near Chapultepec Forrest, and 8-15 minutes by car from my rental. You can expect to pay $300 pesos ($15 USD), which includes a locker, towel, sandals, lube, and condoms. You can also rent a private room for $150 pesos ($8 USD) for three hours if you like more privacy. Ask your houseboy for more information if you wish to visit a bathhouse.

Gay Escorts in Mexico City (CDMX)

Prostitution and gay escort services are legal in Mexico and I maintain a professional relationship with several clean and masculine gay male escorts in the city. If you are interested in an escort, your houseboy can make arrangements for services in-house. The typical cost for a gay escort in Mexico City is $100 – $150 USD per hour, and most will provide services to couples if needed.

Tantric Massages in CDMX

Tantric Massages are sensual massages provided by a gay massage specialist in the nude. Your massage specialist will service your erogenous zones and use his nude body to apply pressure against you. While the massage typically ends with an orgasm, that isn’t the purpose of Tantric. The practice derives from Hindu beliefs and is meant to promote mindfulness and awareness of your body and sensations. Ask your houseboy to schedule an in-house tantric massage, he knows the best in the city who make house calls.

Toys, Lube, and Condoms

If you need lube and condoms, please ask your houseboy, he promotes a healthy and safe gay lifestyle and has some available in your rental if needed. If you need sex toys during your stay, your houseboy can arrange the purchase of the toys you desire from the local adult store, just tell him what you need and he will pick them up (you will be responsible for the cost of toys). All services are discrete.

Gay Cruising in Mexico City

There are several active gay cruising spots in Mexico City, but visiting Tom’s Leather Bar and the darkroom might be your best, and safest option if cruising and darkrooms are your scene. Tom’s has a very nice mix of people, from leather to prep, and all age ranges. It’s a bar style, no dance floor, has full nude dancers on the bar, and gay porn movies are shown on televisions around the walls. The darkroom is near the bathroom in the back of the bar.

Of course, Sodome bathhouse is also another location that keeps you safe when cruising.

But if you are looking for public cruising spots, ask your houseboy about other options.

Special Note

Your houseboy can arrange adult services in-house if you desire, but please note, the house has a no drug policy. The use of poppers is acceptable, but crystal, cocaine, intravenous drugs, and other illegal substances are not allowed. This gay rental in Mexico does not operate as a brothel, bathhouse, sex den, or orgy party host, however, if guests are interested in sexual activities and play, I prefer to assist them in making sure it’s done safely and responsibly, that is why adult services are provided. My responsibility as your houseboy is meeting your needs, in doing so, I will make sure they are met safely and with discretion.