Mexico City streets are painted to celebrate Gay Pride 2022 CDMX

June is the month of Pride and Mexico City joins the commemoration by painting the streets and main avenues of the capital in rainbow colors. This is just one of the many activities planned for Mexico City Gay Pride 2022.

All the neighborhoods that make up CDMX participate and also carry a special agenda dedicated to the LGBT community. Normally from the beginning of the month of June until the Pride March.

“For some people, they are just colors, for others just a painted street, but for us, it is the daily commitment to inclusion and respect. Coyoacán is a space where we can all develop, grow and fulfill our dreams”, published the Coyoacán Mayor’s Office on its Twitter profile.

These actions are very clear to citizens, as they send a message of tolerance, unity, and inclusion. The Historic Center of Mexico City and the Zona Rosa shine with the tones of the rainbow, some of the buildings also show their colors by hanging flags on their doors, windows, or terraces; at night they turn on their special lights where blues, purples, greens, yellows, reds, and oranges shine on the gray backgrounds of the pavement.

Preparations to celebrate the International LGBT Pride Day have already started in Mexico and hundreds of people are expected to participate in the march on June 25. The streets are filled with life, music, costumes, quirky costumes, and lots of love.

This year, CDMX will hold the 44th edition with the main purpose to promote diversity free of hate and recognize the existing human rights for the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

It will start at 10 o’clock in the morning at the Angel of Independence, the official motto this year will be: “The streets are ours! For a diversity free of hate, violence, and machismo”.

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