Mexico City is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, intense cultural scene, and vibrant nightlife. CDMX is the largest city in Latin America, it is home to over 21 million people and annually receives millions of tourists from around the world.

All this has turned Mexico City into a tolerant, respectful city, where people can express themselves freely. That is why CDMX is considered the most gay-friendly city ​​in the entire country, and in recent years Mexico City has also earned the reputation of being one of the best destinations for gay tourism in Latin America.

In addition to a wide variety of museums, historical sites, luxury hotels, and restaurants, Mexico City gay tourism has a wide variety of bars, clubs, nightclubs, and other spaces where gay men can go to have fun and express their sexuality. in total freedom.

Zona Rosa is the most famous gay neighborhood in Mexico City. This neighborhood, located in an elegant area in Colonia Juárez, started to be part of the gay scene in the nineties when the first gay bars and clubs in this area began to open. Almost three decades later, Zona Rosa remains a gay stronghold in Mexico City, as not only are most gay bars and clubs to be found here, but there is now a wider variety of gay businesses.

During the day, the tourist plan in this area is to go out to one of the many restaurants to enjoy the excellent Mexican cuisine, have a few beers in a bar, go shopping and stroll through the beautiful streets of the neighborhood.

While, at night, Zona Rosa becomes a place full of life, with many options to go dancing, have a few drinks, and enjoy life. The list of gay clubs, bars, and clubs in the Zona Rosa is huge, I dare say that there is something for all tastes, here are some of the best:

Boy Bar:

It is an excellent gay bar and nightclub exclusively for men and very spacious, it has three floors each with its own atmosphere, music, and DJ, usually one of the floors is for karaoke, another for house and electronic and another is for the most popular songs. Also, there are very hot strippers dancing throughout the night.


In this drag bar, comedy, music, and dance are mixed in a fusion of pure fun and flirtation. The crowd is usually young, the drinks are cheap and everyone is welcome, women and men.


It is a relatively new club whose audience is mostly millennials of the youngest, here creativity mixes with youth, between neon lights, unicorns, and pop songs mixed with reggaeton. The drinks are cheap, it is an inclusive club for both men and women.


A classic of gay nightlife in Mexico City, it is spacious, it has a floor with electronic music and another with pop hits.

Niche Bears & Bar:

It is a reference bar for the gay community of CDMX, where the most handsome “bears” come. It is aimed at a more mature male audience, who enjoys good drinks and classic Karaoke, it is a place to meet mature men.

Antwerp 9:

It is part of CDMX gay history, it was formerly called El Nueve, not only was it the first gay bar in Mexico City, it was also the first to receive the best of Mexican underground talent, all kinds of artists performed in this icon of the gay scene, in addition, the first drag shows in Mexico City were held here. It recently reopened its doors and promises mythical parties, full of fantasy and even intense dancing. A luxury to visit!


One of the busiest gay places in Mexico City, it also has a unique style: 2 floors and 3 concepts in one place: karaoke, neo-canteen, and terrace. The atmosphere is quite fresh and very pleasant, and their team of “model bartenders” will always be ready to serve you.

Roma and Condesa: redefining the gay nightlife in CDMX

Very close to Zona Rosa are the neighborhoods of Roma and Condesa, today they are the most trendy and bohemian in Mexico City, with lively cafes, beautiful parks, magnificent architecture, and chic art galleries, where you can spend a quiet day enjoying the good things in life.

The nightlife in the gay clubs of these neighborhoods is one of the hottest in the entire city, a couple of highly recommended options are:

Tom’s Leather:

It is a club with a unique identity, which has stood the test of time to become a classic place in the CDMX gay scene, with a mix of dance music, good drinks, strippers, and a dark room that you must go through if you want to go to the bathroom.

Tuesdays are undoubtedly the busiest and craziest days at Tom’s because drinks drop considerably in price, the fun is out of control and the party is in the air.

Dance Floor:

If you want to party with a guarantee of having a great time, go to Dance Floor. Located in an old house, Dance Floor is a fairly relaxed bar, you can attend in jeans and tennis shoes, this does not mean that the parties are not incredible, on the contrary, it is a nice place, where you can be yourself.

Gay Pride Mexico City

There is definitely a great offer of tourist options and activities for all those who want to do gay tourism in CDMX. In the city, the LBGT community is not only welcome, but it also makes you feel at home. An example of this is that for 40 years, CDMX Gay Pride March has been celebrated every June, today it is the largest gay parade in Latin America with more than one million participants annually.

Gay Cruising in Mexico City

There are plenty of places in Mexico City for Gay Cruising and anonymous sex. The apps haven’t slowed down the desire for some gay men to mingle at many of the area cruising spots and bars.

La Casita CDMX

La Casita is a club with dark rooms, sofas, and even beds. They even host special orgy nights and underwear nights. This cruising club is located in Roma Norte.