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Whatsapp: +52 5575025349

Mexico does not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter or travel within the country. Mexico never restricted any flights from other countries or travel during the pandemic.

As your houseboy, I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and practice safety protocols in my daily life to keep current and future guests traveling to Mexico City safe in my home.

My home is clean and disinfected every day, twice a day when guests are in the home. I make hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray available in the common areas for guest use.

Staying at my home, I trust you are taking care of yourself and your health, so inside the home, I don’t have any restrictions in place for travelers staying with me.

COVID-19 in Mexico City

Mexico City is in the ‘Green Light’ level of COVID-19, a system put into place by the federal government. Green light is the level with the lowest risk of contagion, meaning there is minimal community transmission.

An estimated 95% of all adults over the age of 18 years old in Mexico City have been vaccinated and the majority of people still practice health protocols and wear face masks. With over 20 million people in the city, social distancing isn’t possible for most people. COVID-19 made most people in the city realize the risk of large populations, so even with the level of vaccinated people, at least 90% of people are still using masks in public spaces.

Almost all businesses, museums, theaters, and other public spaces will require mask-wearing. If you are an anti-masker, there is no need to visit Mexico City because you won’t be able to enjoy most places. It’s a personal choice, but I don’t want you to arrive in the city and learn you can’t do anything because you refuse to wear a mask. You won’t enjoy your time in CDMX if you aren’t willing to make that small sacrifice.

COVID-19 at Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs in CDMX

Restaurants, bars, and clubs are operating normally in Mexico City at normal hours. You will most likely have your temperature recorded and asked to sanitize your hands. You will be required to wear a mask until you are seated at your table in a restaurant or bar. You can remove your mask when seated. When going to the bathroom, exiting the restaurant, or otherwise leaving your table, you will be required to wear your mask again. You can only be unmasked when seated at your table.

Nightclubs operate a little differently because of the nature of the business. You do not need to be masked and there is normally no seating at nightclubs, or not efficient for everyone to be seated. So clubs operate normally with the assumption that each person who visits a nightclub understands the risk involved. There are some occupancy limits, but not harsh enough to matter in terms of your experience with nightlife in the city.

Retailers, Movies, Museums, Teatros

Retailers, movies, museums, and teatros (performing art theatres) are all operating normally but you will be required to wear a mask inside these establishments in most cases.

Metro, Taxi, Uber, Bus, other Transportation

All forms of transportation will require you to wear a mask.

COVID-19 testing in Mexico City to fly internationally

If you are leaving Mexico to fly internationally or returning home where a COVID-19 test is required, you can receive the test at the Mexico City airport for $25 USD (sometimes a little less). You will need to arrive at the airport two hours before your departure to receive a COVID-19 test. Make sure you have proof of vaccination if the country where you will be traveling from Mexico requires the information.

Most laboratories, including one near your rental, offer COVID-19 tests with a 24-hour turnaround. They will send you your results in digital format by email or whatsapp.